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We Make the Best

Sun Care

We Make The BestSPF 10 to SPF 50. All formulas are Aloe Based, Non-Greasy, Paraben Free and will not run in your eyes and sting.  UBA/UVB Broad Spectrum.  Available in Lotions, Sticks and Sprays.  A full complement of the finest sunscreens available.  Great or the beach and all sports.

WHY IT’S THE BEST: Aloe Up goes on light and is non-greasy.  Works all day in and out of the water.  Doesn’t run in your eyes and sting.

Skin Care

Refresh and hydrate your skin after spending time in the sun with our After Sun, Therapeutic Moisturizer, For the Face, Gel and Oils.  Aloe Up moisturizers are based with aloe vera gel.  This paraben free moisturizer includes Coconut Oil, Acai Berry, Green Tea and Vitamin E and helps prevent further damage to your skin.

WHY IT’S THE BEST: The high concentration of Aloe Vera Gel stimulates your immune system to reproduce skin cells.  Great for moisturizing and skin repair while remaining light and non-greasy.


Aloe Up Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizers available in Foamers and Pen Spray.  Non-Flammable, Non-Toxic, moisturizes as it protects.  Kid Safe, works better, feels better, and lasts longer with no side effects. Tested and FDA compliant and Made In The USA.

WHY IT’S THE BEST: Feels better, smells great, lasts longer and kills more germs than alcohol sanitizers.  A much better solution than alcohol based sanitizers.

Lip Care

SPF 15 and 30 aloe based Lip Ice (available in 11 different flavors).  Also Aloe Kote 25 and Aloe Kote Plus Medicated.  All formulas are Aloe Based, Non-Greasy, and glide on smoothly. Available in tubes, sticks and jars to fit your event.

WHY IT’S THE BEST: Aloe Up’s lip products go on so smoothly plus they feel and taste great.  The SPF of 15,25 or 30 keeps the sun’s harmful rays at bay while moisturizing your lips.

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